edalPow er+

PedalPower+ launches new hub dynamo cable.

The all new Super-i-Cable (SIC) has now been added to the PedalPower+ range of products.
The SIC has additional advanced technology to enable complete compatibility with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 charging systems as well as being able to charge standard mobile phones, Smartphones, Android, GPS and other small electronic devices that can be charged from USB connection.

The all inclusive SIC set includes:
A high capacity 2200mAh 18650
Protected, Rechargeable, internal battery that is customer replaceable. Do not use any other type battery.
A short iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod cable
A short Micro USB cable
A short Mini USB cable
A short standard female USB cable
Nokia 2mm and 3.5 adapters
A led test cable
A piggyback adapter set
A standard handlebar clip mount
International wall charger set
External mini USB charging socket
Cable ties
Owners manual


The PedalPower+ system is an Australian innovation that allows bike riders to recharge their mobile phones, GPS and other small devices, in a safe and regulated process from a bicycle hub or bottle dynamo, regardless of the speed you ride at.

Charge your mobile phone, GPS and other small electronic devices while riding your bike.

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